Reservations are recommended to ensure that you are able to schedule the day and time you would like.  There are times, however, when there are openings for same day appointments, so feel free to call and see if there is room to squeeze you in.


When you call for your appointment, please let me know if you have any unusual circumstances that I should be aware of, or if you are redeeming a coupon or gift certificate.



People have asked about tipping.  I do appreciate your acknowledgement, if you feel I have done an exceptional job.  However, if the added expense creates a financial challenge, I would rather see you a second time so that we could continue to create the results you are seeking, rather than applying the money towards a tip.


Rescheduling Policy

Because time is being reserved especially for you, I would appreciate receiving 24-hour notice for any cancellations or rescheduling that needs to be done.  Although I am aware that the industry standard is to require full payment of the service if changes are made within the 24 hours, I do not feel the need to require this at the current time as my clients have continued to show consideration regarding their scheduled appointments and it has not been an issue.